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The "Cylindrical Collection" is all handcrafted at Martha's Studio in Florida using materials such as Sterling Silver, Colorful Acrylic and Aluminum.

Florida's unique combination of sun, vibrant colors, tropical flowers, beaches and fish inspire her work each day.  "I rely on my heart and spiritual guidance when designing.  My heart regulates my hands."  Martha's artwork reflects the year round influence of tropical living.

Martha focuses much of her attention on dots and linear structured forms.  Repetitive dots and sleek forms inspire her with their continuity, simplicity and strength.  " I strive for technically clean forms and clean construction ."

Cylindricals is a concept born about 30 years ago.  Martha worked on the concept of using acrylic materials and cylinder forms when she was in college, but it wasn't until her children grew up and started their own lives that she was able to bring her Cylindricals to life.

Martha graduated with Honors from Rochester Institute of Technology, School of the American Craftsman with a Bachelors of Arts under Gary Griffin and Hans Christensen.  Martha worked for John Atencio Jeweler as his Lead Goldsmith and Jeweler where she made beautiful gold and diamond custom jewelry.  The years spent working for John Atencio allowed Martha to refine her ability to create pieces that juxtaposed strong yet delicate lines with modern flair.

Martha's design achievements have earned her several awards.  Most recently, Martha received the coveted Finalist recognition with 2 pieces in the 2013 NICHE AWARD.  Last year Martha recieved a Finalist award in the 2012 SAUL BELL DESIGN AWARD.  In 2007 and 2008 Martha was honored with The Mark Pheiffer Memorial Award for Works in Silver.


                            2012 Saul Bell Design Awards
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